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Dr. Mariana Morais

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Dr. Mariana Morais, MD is a renowned Aesthetic physician.  She completed the Master in Aesthetic Medicine of Balearic Island University, Spain and obtained maximum score on her thesis.

She obtained multiple diplomas for post graduate training in the field of Aesthetic Medicine all over the world (USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia).

Dr. Morais is a faculty of American Aesthetic Association. She founded Mariana Morais Clinic in Portugal, specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti Aging Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa

Mariana Morais Clinic has a partnership with Derma Laser Center (New Jersey, USA) founded by Dr. Ayman El-Attar, a double board certified, world renowned Aesthetic physician and surgeon and President of the American Aesthetic Association. The Clinic has also a partnership with Dr. Iberico Nogueira (Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, who belongs to the Alumni Association of Prof. Pitanguy) and AR Clinic medical spa staff.

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Our association is dedicated to educating physicians and medical professionals who are interested in including aesthetic medicine dimension to their practice. Here at American Aesthetic Association our prestigious faculty members will help instruct our members with science, art, techniques and procedures of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

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