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Dr. Olga Shvab

Dr. Olga Shvab, MD Back

Moscow, Russia

Dr. Olga Shvab - is an expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring and non-surgical facelift, international advanced techniques expert and trainer for Merz Aesthetics. Author of successful international anatomy course for cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons in Yekaterinburg and Moscow, Russia. Speaker of the national aesthetic congresses and frequent delegate of the international platforms. In 2012 Olga was given a title "Cosmetologist of the Year 2012” (II Global Aesthetics Forum). Author of various training courses for aesthetic doctors in Russia and Europe.

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Our association is dedicated to educating physicians and medical professionals who are interested in including aesthetic medicine dimension to their practice. Here at American Aesthetic Association our prestigious faculty members will help instruct our members with science, art, techniques and procedures of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

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