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Dr. Raed Farhat

Dr. Raed Farhat, MD Back

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dr. Raed Farhat  is an renowned Senior Plastic Surgeon Specialist, Cosmetic Laser Specialist & wound care management and skin integrity Specialist. He is the President of the Gulf region of the American Aesthetic Association.

His professional highlights are :

  • He was General Manager of Oriana Hospital – Sharjah, United Arab Emiates
  • General Manager of Celebrities Medical Center –Sharjah, United Arab Emiates
  • Laser specialist in the Canadian Aesthetic Academy –Toronto, Canada 3D and Laser Unit Manager - Ministry of Health and Prevention
  • Fellow in Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Transplant from New Delhi ,India. Member of ILAMED Association.
  • Skin Advisor for International Companies.
  • Trainer for Hair Transplant FUE Technique and Hair Treatment.
  • Trainer for hair Transplant FUE Technique in Ministry of Health and Prevention
  • Principal Lecturer of Advanced Laser and IPL Program in Ministry of Health and Prevention
  • Founder of Beauty of Wound Care Program.
  • Founder of Advanced Trichology Program.
  • Principal investigator in the study of:
    1. Stem cells derived from adipose tissue.
    2. Nanotechnology and wound healing.
    3. Effect of endo scan laser technology in wound healing process.
    4. Study of A-cell (scaffolding structural cell).
  • Team Leader of E-kare project. (remote wound care).
  • Project manager of Air doctor innovation.
  • Project manager of pressure ulcer, feel the light and bazar alkeer campaigns.
  • Project manager of 3D printing bionic arm.

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